Press On Nails Sizing Charts For Available Lengths & Shapes

Hey Beauties!

 Sizing of press on nails may differ depending on length & shape you select, below you will find available lengths/shapes. You will also find sizing charts below for each length/shape. If using sizing charts you have a choice to select your size for each finger nail (measured in millimeters) and select "Custom Nailswhile shopping our press on sets or you have the option to pick from our pre set press on nail sizes when shopping (measurements below). We also have a Size Kit you can purchase (link below) for an exact fit. 

 Available Lengths & Shapes

Square: Extendo, XXL/XL, Long, Medium & Short 

Coffin: Extendo, XXL/XL, Long, Medium & Short

Stiletto: Extendo, XXL/XL, Long, Medium & Short



How To Find Your Press On Nail Size

*Embellished Beauties has three options when selecting the sizing for your press on nails* 

1. Order from our pre-set press on sizes (below)
2. Find the sizing chart for the length & shape you prefer (below)
3. Purchase a site kit. (below)


(1) Pre Set sizes for press on nails you can select from:
(Thumb-pinky) *Measured in millimeters(mm)*

  • Extra Small: 15mm, 13mm, 15mm, 14mm, 12mm
  • Small: 16mm, 14mm, 15mm, 14mm, 12mm
  • Medium: 18mm, 15mm, 17mm, 16mm, 13mm
  • Large: 19mm, 17mm, 18mm, 16mm, 14mm
  • Extra Large: 19mm, 17mm, 18mm, 16mm, 15mm


(2) You can also find our sizing chart for the length & shape you prefer (Below), to find your proper size when ordering your press on nails or purchase our Size Kit for exact measurement sizes. 

*Each chart includes the length & Shape with nail width measurements*

  • If you are not selecting pre set nail sizes and using size charts down below please select "Custom Size" while shopping for press on sets and enter number of nail (EX: #0)  or nail width in Millimeters-(mm) measurements  (EX: 15mm) in the "Order Notes" section at checkout. Please be sure to enter sizes from thumb to pinky. 
    • If your measurements does not match the charts below you can still simply select "Custom Size" while shopping our sets and write your nail width custom sizes in Millimeters-(mm) measurements (EX:15mm) in the "Order Notes" section at checkout. Please be sure to enter sizes from thumb to pinky. 

      Click here to view how to measure your nails at home


      Press On Nail Size Charts for lengths & Shapes





       (3) Purchase our Size Kit for exact measurement sizes. 

      You will receive in mail 11 plain press on nails in the length & Shape you select at purchase to determine your exact fit. (Sizes may differ depending on Length & Shape you select.  After you have determined size, while shopping our sets select "Custom Size" and write your nail sizes (nail numbers from size kit from thumb-pinky) in the "Note To Seller" section during checkout!

      Click Here to purchase our Size Kit